HVAC Hours of Operation

Heating and base building air conditioning are controlled by a Building Management System (BMS). The normal hours of operation for building comfort air are from Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. or as stipulated in tenant lease. The temperature in the Building is maintained at a comfortable level. Should the temperature level change abruptly or exceed a reasonable level in your suite, or in a particular office, please enter a work request for HVAC hot/cold in Angus Anywhere.

Heating and base building air conditioning are not provided on Saturdays or Sundays, Holidays, or after normal hours of operation for the building (6:00 P.M.). If you need HVAC during these times, please enter a work request in Angus Anywhere for O/T HVAC at least 24 hours in advance. On extreme temperature days, there will be an additional hour charged in order to ensure that the temperature is acceptable at the requested time.

HVAC System Overview

Heating is provided by Con Edison Steam through perimeter fan powered boxes with hot water coils located in the ceiling. Self-contained thermostatic control valves are installed to control individualized comfort levels.

The Building is equipped with dedicated floor chilled water air handler units which allow for independent, cost effective and efficient ventilating and air conditioning service. Chilled water is supplied to each floor via the Mezzanine central plant. This is especially needed when operating outside business hours. Each floor is ventilated with fresh air by two ventilating fans located on the Mezzanine level and at the top of the building. A computer controller linked to the building’s energy management system controls each fan so that fans operate at an optimum efficiency point. Tenants requiring auxiliary self-contained air conditioning for computers or telecommunications are able to connect to an independent condenser water system, which is available to operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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