Cleaning services are provided daily at 31 West 52nd Street. In addition, the day matron and porters attend to restrooms to ensure that sufficient supplies are on hand. Porters monitor the perimeter of the building to keep the plaza and sidewalks free of debris and clean.

During the evening, the cleaning staff is supervised by an individual appointed by the cleaning contractor. This supervisor is responsible for the entire nighttime staff, who provide cleaning services for tenants’ suites. Additional cleaning services are not included within the lease. Please contact the Property Management Office for information regarding any additional cleaning services.

Please clearly identify items which are to be discarded, but cannot fit in trash receptacles. For bulk trash/debris items tenant must submit a work order request in Angus Anywhere for TRASH. Please mark boxes and other debris as “TRASH” and leave them in the suite. The night cleaning crew will remove all items that are clearly identified as trash and there will be an additional charge to tenant for the removal of bulk trash items. Please refer any problems concerning nightly janitorial service to the PMO by emailing us at

Important note: It is a fire code violation to store any items in the freight elevator lobbies. Any items left in the freight elevator lobby will be discarded at the tenant’s expense.

Window Washing:

The Building’s interior and exterior windows are cleaned semi-annually. We will endeavor to send one week’s advance notice to all Tenants prior to the start of any interior window cleaning.